Free Communications


Submissions of summaries of scientific papers (free communications) will be accepted up to October 16, 2017, at 12:00 PM.

Please carefully follow the instructions detailed below. Only communications fully complying with said instructions will be evaluated.

The Congress virtual modality does not substantially modify the terms and conditions for paper submissions, which are similar to those applicable to a traditional Congress. The only difference is that posters (related to accepted papers) are not shown face-to-face, but rather they should be sent in a PDF format (taken from a Power Point presentation), i.e., the relevant author, after saving the poster in the usual way, must convert it into a PDF file. Said file is the material to be sent to attendees for them to follow lectures. Each poster will be thus seen directly in a PDF format on each attendee’s device.

Summaries must be sent exclusively through the Virtualab website. Online submissions must be made through the relevant form following the instructions detailed on the site.

When sending a summary, at least the main author must be pre-registered for the congress. The submission form will request the relevant pre-registration number and the email used by the author. Once the summary has been approved, in order to upload the relevant poster for it to be shown on the Congress website, the author’s/authors’ registration must be completed.

Submitted summaries will be assessed by the Congress Scientific Committee and evaluated by experts in each topic. The Committee’s opinions are final. Each submission may be: accepted, rejected or accepted subject to changes (in the latter case, the author must send the new version of the summary –including the changes suggested– to the Committee before the indicated deadline).

Submitted papers must be original on topics included in the main topic scheme of the Congress. The category “Other topics” will be added for topics not included in the main topic scheme.

Free Works may be presented in two categories:
1) POSTER (PDF format)
2) WORK ON A PRIZE BASIS (Extended Poster): the defence of posters included in this category will be done as follows:
Presentation of a video (oral communication): this is MANDATORY. Each video shall have a maximum length of 10 minutes. An instructional tutorial including relevant technical specifications will be available on the website for the preparation and recording of presentations.
Extended Summary: this is OPTIONAL. Each paper shall have a maximum length of 3,000 words, in a pdf format (Arial font, size 12), and it may include up to two tables, figures or graphics and no more than four bibliographical references.

At the time of submitting work, each author must state whether he or she chooses to enter the prize basis category. Languages accepted: Works will be admitted in Spanish, English or Portuguese.


  Instructions for the preparation of the SUMMARY

1. Header: select the relevant main topic where the work is to be included from the topics detailed in the relevant list (above and to the left of the summary).
2. Title: include a maximum of 150 characters with spaces. Also indicate the type of work and do not include any abbreviations.
3. Authors: immediately after the title, indicate the last name and initials of the author(s), one by one. For example: Pérez J.A.; Pesce R.; Picci J.L.
4. Membership: after the author’s or authors’ name(s), add the names of the relevant institutions (without abbreviations), including relevant address details (street, number, city, country, postal code, telephone and/or fax and e-mail of the author to whom queries are to be sent, i.e., contact details of the author). Since the stated e-mail will be used for contacting the authors, it should be a frequently checked e-mail address (at least three times a week).
5. Summary text: it shall have a maximum of 600 words (Arial font, size 12) and be written in a single paragraph, including sentences separated by full stops. Each piece must clearly state: the relevant objective, the materials and methods applied, the results achieved and the conclusions drawn. Conclusions should be drawn from the results achieved and the data processed. The summary should not have any figures, tables or bibliographical references. Any abbreviations included must be explained the first time they are used, though they should not be overused. In case it is absolutely necessary, special characters may be included (mathematical functions, Greek alphabet and/or set theory) by means of the menu available on the form.

  Instructions for making the POSTER

1. The body of the poster should include: an introduction – with the most relevant objectives or the information of the presentation – materials and methods, results and conclusions.
2. Any tables, illustrations and photographs required for the presentation must be sufficiently self-explanatory and sequentially distributed according to relevant explanations. Captions should be placed under each illustration. Use of good contrast in lettering is suggested to ease reading. Please remember that captions must be placed above tables, while they should be placed below figures and graphics. The appropriate naming of microorganisms and italicizing of relevant gender and species is recommended.
3. When a summary has been accepted, the author will be duly informed of the scheduled date and time when he or she may upload any related material and when the relevant access will be blocked. Taking into account that the summary and poster are uploaded online, it should be done in advance so as to avoid system saturation or Internet failure at the last minute.

If you have any additional queries, please contact the Technological and Pedagogical Directorate of the congress.